Meet Wendy


Wendy's stunning art can take days or even weeks to complete. Layer after layer of resin is required to create real depth and vibrancy. Each piece is unique and evokes different feelings and energy.


Wendy -ventured into the art world in Spring 2018, after her daughter suddenly became ill. Colouring was recommended to Wendy and her and her daughter as a way help reduce stress and anxiety. The simple act of colouring has been proven to be both relaxing and therapeutic, and this certainly was the case for Wendy and her daughter. After discovering the therapeutic benefits from art, Wendy invested in paints and brushes and began painting. Through the process of creating art, Wendy's daughters’ health improved dramatically.


'It felt so peaceful, I lost hours in the beautiful experience. Sometimes I would find myself with a paintbrush in both hands and when finished I would stand back and couldn't believe what was before me.'

Wendy's passion for art continued to develop, and when she discovered resin artwork she immediately fell in love! She created her first geode abstract piece and the wonderful art you see on this site has unfolded from there.


Her beautiful, unique art has attracted attention worldwide with her work being commissioned by both celebrities and prestigious businesses.

Who would have thought that a stressful situation and the simple process of colouring would inspire Wendy to create such impressive art. Wendy’s art brings as much joy and delight to her as it does to her loyal fans. Her stunning creations are a must for any home!

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